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Caricature Commissions

and products created from photos



In addition to live-drawn caricatures, Judy creates more detailed, rendered, and precisely drawn, gift-quality caricature commissions in various sizes from photo(s). These are perfect for the person(s) who has everything, to commemorate a special occasion or milestone, or for anyone who appreciates a unique, original and fun gift to be displayed and appreciated for years to come.

A perfect example of this is a financial corporation who has hired her to create at least 10 of these for “New Partner Admissions” over the course of several years. They are always chock full of props and or in an extensive setting and are created from submitted photos through email. See sample at right.

These original art gifts are available in matted size 11 x 14, 12 x 16, 16 x 20 and 18 x 24, with image smaller. These are also available full image. Larger offerings may be created without mats on illustration board, externally mounted, and/or drawn small, scanned, digitally enlarged and externally inkjet printed and mounted, such as 20 x 30 or 24 x 36 sign-in boards. In addition, a digital version can be provided if desired*.

Altar Bound

Altar Bound

Generally, gifts include a title or caption, a few “props” and/or a background, but the choice is yours. The only limits are your imagination, size constraints and budget! She creates less detailed and precise versions from photos as well, at a reduced cost. She even draws pet versions! Samples provided upon request!

Price varies depending on how much detail and how many subjects will be included in the picture. Pre-constructed, basic frame can be supplied at an additional cost if desired, and style is agreed upon prior to purchase. Four to six weeks is requested on average** for completion. Be sure to contact the studio for a custom quote!

* at an additional cost and for limited and specific customer usage (i.e. Save the Date wedding postcard, favor, display poster). Digital file not to be used for resale or other for profit purposes, unless special rights usage permission is granted with artist attribution, and/or may incur an additional cost.** varies depending on time of year and volume of jobs in house.

Engaged Couple displaying their matted commission caricature.
Mat was used for signing. At right is image alone.

Consider live-drawn caricatures at your next party or celebration…. sure to please the crowd.



Gift-quality commission samples

Below are samples of actual gift commissions (some names etc may be changed or blurred for recipient anonymity ) Click on images to see larger versions

New Partner






Gift and Party Products

Many custom gift products and favors featuring a gift-quality caricature, custom art or portraits can be ordered with no minimum quantities. These are perfect for a more traditional gift with a clever and personalized flair, or make it funny and you have a custom gag gift. Check out the many apparel products found available, just waiting for your gift quality caricature or portrait to be imprinted on them! Prototype samples may be available prior to placing an order.

With her Graphic Design expertise and software, Judy can also design party products featuring art in conjunction with headlines, slogans, logos and more, such as party stationery, including Save the Date cards, invitations, place cards, and thank you notes, as well as supplying an image for cakes, really adding to the uniqueness of it all and creating a theme.Place Mat


Unless otherwise noted, actual commissioned caricatures were used to simulate the products above.

Additional items to honor someone, such as banners, lawn signs, posters or sign-in boards are also available.

So, why not consider a custom caricature gift or favor for any memorable occasion: wedding, 25th anniversary, high school graduation, family reunion, Bat Mitzvah, Job promotion, Father’s Day etc.



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