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CT Caricature Artist

caricature drawing of caricature artist
Judy creates quickly drawn live caricatures at any type of special event, party or celebration. Because of Judy’s natural talent for portraiture, she has developed a unique caricature drawing of high school studentcaricature style. It is really a portrait-caricature hybrid, leaning toward portraiture, with the fun and line art of a cartoon. Some may argue that it does not reflect the true “definition” of the word caricature, stressing exaggeration, but her customers are surprised, often calling them “cute,” and are delighted and even amazed to recognize themselves! She often hears “that really looks like you” told to a subject by a fascinated observer after she finishes. Even skittish guests become willing participants when they see the “kind” renditions, with little or flattering exaggeration. Maybe she should invent a word for her decidedly different renditions.

A down-to-earth and social person, Judy has a tendency to make people of all ages feel at ease while they pose for her artistry, and she enjoys people gathering around to watch, since her specialty is not only to provide personalized souvenirs or keepsakes to be taken home, but also to serve as a distinctive entertainer. For over a decade, she has drawn for numerous Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, birthday, anniversary and graduation parties, customer appreciation days, fundraisers, after-prom and grad parties, college events, weddings, civic events, festivals and more. She is seen increasingly at weddings (ditch the photo booth anyone?) and can also subcontract other unique and talented artists for customers requesting more than one or if she is personally unavailable. She also carries Liability Insurance in the event your venue requires it (something not all artists do).

She is a 5-star caricaturist and multiple year recipient of a “Best of” award from Gigmasters.com, an online bidding agency, which recognizes artists with at least 4 reviews of 4+ Stars within a year. She also has multiple 5-star reviews on Thumbtack, and Facebook via her JT Art & Design page. in addition to receiving a quote and reserving via deposit through these bidding agencies, you can reserve or book her by contacting her directly, the way more than half her customers do! Be sure to contact her for a custom quote.

In lieu of or in addition to drawing individuals entirely onsite (where paper is included in price), pre-created and custom designed papers may be ordered (often “headless” full-body themed/activity poses), or bordered and captioned papers for a commemoration or to accommodate time restraints. See further description and samples at bottom of page.*

OR check out our pre-designed “Scene-zine® mock magazine cover-style”border papers. These have been pre-created ready for your custom “caption” to be added and duplicated for drawing on at the event. These make unique party keepsakes and can be mixed. Caricature head shots or full body activity poses are drawn day of event.* These have not been aggressively promoted, but are cute for color events.

*Note: All custom papers are priced in addition to party booking rates, and package pricing for purchasing both may apply. Be sure to ask.


Be sure to check out our Caricature Commissions and Products page.



2009 Cable Access TV Program Appearance

Interview and Demo

Watch Interview left, demo right




Live-drawn Caricature Samples

Below are samples in the style, drawn live at events
Click on the samples to view larger images


Well-known Celebrities



George Bush


Everyday People


Music Store Opening
Young Boy



Special drawing paper options for Live Caricatures!

For an additional charge (discounted if purchasing a “package” with booking), custom designed paper featuring borders, and or typeset caption or title, or even pre-drawn headless hobby bodies, can be created and reproduced in whatever quantity is needed. This is a great option when time is of concern, or for theme parties or commemorative events. The following “masters” were created for actual events. Judy already has a small archive of headless bodies ready for customization and reproduction for basic hobbies and sports interests. Be sure to ask as original “master” price may be reduced.

Baseball Boy

Emaleigh's Party
Mexican Theme Birthday
Mexican Theme Birthday
Here is a sample of how your wedding pre-printed border drawing paper (left) can look after the live-drawn caricature is added (right). It makes a nice keepsake and frameable art.


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