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Traditional and Digital Illustration


Hand in hand with her drawing ability, Judy creates simple illustrations, line art, and/or renderings, traditionally or digitally, depending on your needs. Because these requests have been less regular, Judy has not developed a stringent style (except perhaps her ink marker/pen line and pastel, which she uses routinely in her house renderings and caricatures). So, she will explore and experiment. Prices are reasonable and include sketches and style reference samples to ensure what you desire can be accomplished to your satisfaction.

The samples shown are illustrations Judy created either by traditional means or completely digitally.

Click on images to see larger versions

ETSY BonitaGals

Traditionally hand-drawn and digitally
rendered caricature illustration
ordered via my ETSY shop, JTPortraicatures.

 Ink, Pastel, Color Pencil Illustrations New Haven CT

PCI Creative Group
Illustration in ink pen, pastel and color
pencil for a locally written
and published book

Saint Mary’s Hospital
Digital illustration created for hand hygiene campaign that was used on digital signs, in flyers and online.

Digital caricature illustration used on t-shirt

  Digital caricature illustration used on   t-shirt. Created for Ganim Legal P.C.


digital illustration for Captain D's Seafood Restaurants

Metro Marketing Resources, Inc.
Captain D’s Seafood Restaurants
Hand drawn line art was digitally rendered, and used in promotional materials

Color shark-fishing competition
illustration created traditionally for
a client tasked to provide t-shirts for
the 2018 occasion, on which it was printed.


Muzzled Man
STG Marketing Communications, Inc
Ink pen illustrations for internal newsletter


Photographic and Retouching Imagery

Judy also has created photographic illustration, working with photos in illustrative or graphic fashion. She also has become adept at photo retouching and collage work, perfect for framable display (see teen sample) or commercial and marketing use (see samples of both).

Ballet Retouch

Sample theme collage (sold in her ETSY shop,JTPortraicatures)
featuring a special person closeup,
his/her hobby action pose, and or
related graphic and name, provided digitally.


Saint Mary’s Hospital
“Ghostbusters” inspired flu campaign Photo illustration composites and poster design-production


Photo Retouch

BEFORE: Original Image

Retouched Photo

AFTER: Retouched image with man second from left removed


Photo Retouch

BEFORE: Original image

Retouched Photo

AFTER: Retouched for political ad in mid 2000’s


Concert posters

Concert posters

Naugatuck Community Choir
Concert posters, photo illustration composites and poster design-production


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