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When in need of smaller scope design or graphics services particularly in Hartford, Fairfleld or New Haven Counties, Connecticut, let JT Art & Design handle all of your needs. Advertising or product/service promotion has been Judy’s primary focus, either at various employment positions, as a freelancer, and now on her own, primarily for print and digital imagery (the latter being signage and billboards). Thus, she has extensive experience in designing and producing a variety of print communication materials, at any and all stages of the creative process, including conceptual involvement, photo shoot direction, photo retouching, and printing press checks.

The samples shown represent a small selection of work she was an integral part of (role listed last line of caption). The regular text indicates the agency or firm hired by the client for whom the project/piece was developed. The bold text indicates the client itself. Where no “middleman” is listed, she produced directly for the client, either as an employee or in self-employed freelance.



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Graphic Design Services New Haven CT
PCI Group, Inc.
GE Capital Services
Backup Child Care Program
included pocket folder,
info sheets, Q&A sheets,
Child Information form,
slim brochure and replay card
Design concept through production
Graphic Design New Haven CT

Saint Mary’s Hospital

Patient Safety Fair flyer;
Digital illustration and design of entire piece

PCI Group, Inc.
GE Capital Services
Conference invitation; Concept,
design through production


Saint Mary’s Hospital
Brochure/poster for Talk Show format program
women’s health and wellness series;
Concept treatment, design through production

PCI Publishing
Phelps Memorial Hospital
Annual Report;
Design concept through production


Naugatuck Community Choir
Winter Concert Poster
Design through production

PCI Group, Inc.
Hitachi Credit America Corporation
Fleet Leasing slim brochure;
Design through production



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AmaZing Dance & Fitness LLC logo
AmaZing Dance & Fitness LLC
Logo for Zumba fitness studio;
Design through production

Vertex Marketing Communications
Stamford Junk Pros
Logo Design, caricature
illustration and production

John Vazzano
Windmill Tavern
Logo Design, art through production

Saint Mary’s Hospital
“Suggestion box” program
Design through production

PCI Group, Inc.
Darien Chamber of Commerce
Logo for Chamber of Commerce;
Design through production

Sterling Ski Club
Logo celebrating 75 years



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PCI Group,Inc.
Rooster dinnerware;
Package design through production
PCI Group,Inc.
Remote control caddy;
Package design through production
PCI Group, Inc.
Essex Manufacturing
Misty Harbor umbrella set;
Concept design through production
Zap Bug
Luby Marketing Group
Green Trees
Zap botanical insect repellant
product proposal;Design concept
through production


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